Contemporary times

Contemporary times

Academic Year2012-2013
Lesson CategoryTheory and Practice Compulsory Module
ProfessorsSchool of Architecture
Lesson DescriptionTeachers
P. TOURNIKIOTIS Professor (co-ordinator), N. BELAVILAS Lecturer, A. VOZANI Lecturer, N. HOLEVAS Professor
Assistant Lecturing: S.GIAMARELOS, Grad Student
Other InformationTimetable: Tuesday 15:30-19:15
Class: MAX

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Course content Critical approach of architectural and urban planning theory and practice of the last forty years, in the wider cultural framework of modern society. In this elusive module we will open our eyes to all the things that happen around us, to the clothes we wear, the music we listen to the way our table is set the paper monuments of the Olympic Games and the digital achievements of the net communication, in order to sharpen our view and our judgement towards to an architectural reality which constantly evolves and escapes from us. The architecture we are interested in today is the one that is created by modern architects for modern people, we are interested in the activation of critical vigilance into the prospect of comprehending the difficulty and complexity of architecture. The module is taught by using complete electronic support and digital manuals, bibliography and links, by critical analysis of the role of computer science in contemporary architecture via off-line analysis of specific examples and by systematic support to students’ assignments, which have an illustrated form in digital layout, which includes word process, stable and moving picture.
Topics for exercises - projects Students are obligated to elaborate an assignment in co-operation with one of the professors. The topic of the assignment will be chosen in line with the professor’s opinion, and it has to be stated in written form by April, 7th. Group (consisting of two students) assignments are also acceptable. All of them have to hand them in by Tuesday, June 23rd. You may also send your topics via email, including a short outline of your goals and object of interest. There will be a reply for everyone.
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