Environment and Planning: Course B

Environment and Planning: Course B

Academic Year2009-2010
Lesson CategoryTheory and Practice Compulsory Module
ProfessorsSchool of Architecture
Lesson DescriptionTeachers
I. TSOUDEROS, Professor
Other InformationTimetable:
Wednesday 15:30-17:15 T MAX, T 101

Environment and Planning: Course B  (sub-pages)

Course content Introduction to issues and concepts which apply to human and natural environment and the effects of planning on it. The module is aimed at the comprehension of basic concepts and approaching methods of the environment and ecosystems as well as the encouragement of the exploration of the causes of degrading urban environment and the general expression of causes and policies for its upgrading. The module attempts also to explore the prospects of natural environment’s viability in the city and the around the city space, to approach the evaluation methods of environmental problems as these appear in the urban space, as well as to calculate the intervention possibilities of planning and their solution.
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