Structural Function of Colour – Course A

Course content

It concerns a module of probing deeply into the problematic of colour by creating harmonies which result from specific colour relations and constitutes an extension or sequel of the modules of colour from the two previous semesters. The acquaintance and practice with different materials of painting (acrylic, egg diluted tempera, watercolour, pastel, oil, inks etc) aims not only to their use as tools but mainly to the development of the ability to remodel the colour indications on aesthetically important surfaces. This indirect effect of plastic arts problematic will sensitise students to tiny coloured differentiations, helping them to exceed primary approach. At the same time, the charm that originates from specific colour relations will be revealed, while these colour relations via practice can aesthetically and emotionally cultivate students, allowing them to arrange colourfully the structured space which is potentially included in these surfaces.