Skip Navigation Links : DIPLOMA PROJECT : February 2005 : "Lemesos: sea and city connections" Artemis Sigalou, Petros Fokaides

"Lemesos: sea and city connections" Artemis Sigalou, Petros Fokaides


Lemesos has been historically an important port of the Eastern Mediterranean, taking part in the contacts between West and East, especially in the time, when Crusaders travelled for the Holy Ground, opening commercial routes. Today, the city, is the primary port of Cyprus and the southmost port of the E.U. The entrance of Cyprus in the E.U, has created new economical and political conditions, placing Lemesos in a bigger network, serving both the international trade and the cruise ships. At the same time the city is becoming an important tourist destination, and triples its population during the summer, posing the question for whom the city and public space, is designed. The citizens or the visitors?   


The site

The industrial zone, in the eastern part of the city’s centre, is the site of the intervention. The area is already in a phase of re-shaping. On the one hand, the port authorities are planning the extension of the port in the west, creating space in the sea. On the other hand the city is pushing towards the tourist development of the area in combination with the transformation of the old port into a recreation pole. The intervention stands somewhere among the space and time of the area. It is pursued to create pores-passeges for the city, towards the sea, to enhance the connection of sea and city, to give depth to the coastline, using the voids of the industrial zone and designing them as green areas, to border the industrial facilities and become intense public spaces.

The intervention aims in the combination of different levels of design (urban, architectural, landscape) as a strategy to intervene in an area of instability, between the castle (the centre of the city) and the gate, the port of the city.