Skip Navigation Links : DIPLOMA PROJECT : June 2005 : "Ioannina. A museum for the sculptor Th. Papagiannis" Siapati Gianna

"Ioannina. A museum for the sculptor Th. Papagiannis" Siapati Gianna

Ioannina. One city, three words. The lake, the mountains, the heritage. Strong elements that match with the rain, the dullness, the greek sunlight. The scenery: stone and water, a grey sky, clouds. The mosque.

    Development. The need for something new that will not however detach the city from what characterizes it. First thoughts for a museum: a contemporary museum, a museum of today. Something matching the old with the modern, something timeless.


    A museum: A flowing building with a start and an end. Spaces that are conceptually connected and interdependent, a space to experience.

    The lake, a determining feature. The water, a source of inspiration. Water equals life. Water equals rhythm, music, movement. Important factors for design, important factors for a start.


   The initial thoughts…I observe the scenery, the sculpture exhibition at the banks of the lake. A desire is born to continue this flow with a museum as a chain of movements.

  The artist: Theodoros Papagiannis. An established sculptor with work characterized by the diversity of materials and themes. For most, a work closely related to the heritage of his place of birth, Ioannina.


   The initial idea develops…

   Materials used: concrete, metal and stone. Materials that match the environment.

   Breathtaking scenery. A need to associate the city with the lake. A building made as a bridge to accomplish that need.

   Spaces for administrative purposes are incorporated with the rest of the building as solid cubes made of stone. The tour in the building continues over the road ending above the lake, on a metal construction that gives the impression of floating.

   A metal ramp completes the visitors’ tour at the exhibition area back to the entrance. The tour of the museum closes back to the entrance point. It is one of impression, interchange of interior and exterior spaces. A walk through a building which becomes even more interesting by the way the sculptures are exhibited. They are divided according to theme and not displayed chronologically. ‘Woman’ , ‘Couples’, ‘Love’, ‘Motherhood’, ‘Totem’, ‘Birds’. Areas giving different impressions follow each other. The work of a lifetime, a passage through life running next to the water.



  In its entity… my creation for my city