Lectures 2005
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"Old Port of Limassol" Charis Charalabous

The essay investigates the way in which a contemporary intervention, in a part of the city center, would be able to approach the residents’ life, enabling the contact with the viewer and the duration and the continuity of the city in time. The region of the Old Port of Limassol is used as a field of search. Next we present the theory of duration and the living space by Kevin Lynch as presented in the Ιmage of the City and by Aldo Rossi in The Architecture of the City. By combining the two we get some equipment as to read the region. Three periods of the town are presented and so are its present situation and the programming of the town for the town center. So we get some interpretive approaches of the region which move in deferent ways its natural or conceptual dynamic features. Then we present in short the architectural contest that that took place and involved the region of the old port and the studies by three participants in the contest.The closing part proposes some questions which arise from the interpretive approaches and the proposals for the contest, and to which a crucial intervention should answer.