Lectures 2005
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"The confutation of privacy in private house" Maria Danilatou

The structure and the plan of the residence are diachronically altered, following the change of social relations but also perceptions about public and private. The private house constitutes the environment that man has created in order to cover his basic needs. However the characteristic which influences its development is the privacy. The rapid progress of technology, that continuously intrudes in the domestic space, the changes in the structure of family, the reintroduction of work in the residence, the use new material and the redefinition of domestic life and her activities, influence the privacy in the residence and they create new relations between them. Privacy is a value which is re-defined through time. It is particularly important for the design of the house. Nowadays the house is expected to compose disparate needs and functions and to change, from a simple shelter, into a mean of burglary, recantation and display of private life. While the residence is turned round and is appeared as self-existent object in the space, simultaneously the privacy is reversed while it tries to constitute a node of communication, it is opened in the urban environment and it survives between adversative roles and activities.