Lectures 2005
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"Construction and restoration of buildings in Cyprus" Anastasiou Charalampos - Varkari Maria

The objective of this assignment is to update the uninformed about what is occurring in Cyprus in relation to building restoration and conservation. The assignment is characterized by an extensive analysis on various categories of buildings which are being restored, their contemporary uses, and the extent to which the buildings are being altered. Moreover it includes commentary on the methods of alteration. The investigation also attempts to give reasoning as to why restoration of buildings occurs in Cyprus including the fiscal and economic incentives offered by government initiatives to advance such projects and the process involved in obtaining government benefits.

Specific examples have been chosen throughout the project in order to create a complete picture concerning the various actions occurring in relation to building restoration in Cyprus, including the following:

The restoration efforts along the green line (i.e Chrysaliniotisa)

The building of the old headquarters of Cyprus electricity

The offices of ETEK

A house in Nicosia which has been transformed into offices

The public cultural center in Larnaca

Public market of Limas sol

Carobmiles of Lanitis

Storage sheds and customs department in Lower Paphos

A house in Tochni

Finally, our own opinion concerning the issue is formulated and judgments are made concerning whether it has had a positive or negative impact upon the broader Cypriot community.