Lectures 2005
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"Orlan, the art of body" Anagnou Maria - Koutsa Magda - Panagou Matina

One modern artist, in which we meet all the characteristics that determine the art of our season, is Orlan. The work that caused sense was The Reincarnation of Saint Orlan, a number of surgical operations.

She is the first artist that uses plastic surgery in order to create art. She uses the term «carnal art», in order to differentiate her work from body art. However, she owes part of her art in body art.

She does not wish the pain as means of deliverance in order to achieve the purgation. She believes that she makes this work as less masochistic as she can. She considers that the public is necessary and indeed the dialectic relation between artist–public benefits both sides. Orlan has sense of humour, attribute that led her to ridicule the sale of the artist. Her enthusiasm, regarding the technology, becomes obvious through her beloved slogan "Remember the future". Her entire work has to do with the post–human era. Also she has studied certain religions and she is uses aspects of them, in a satiric way.

Orlan tries to transform into substance the ideas that directed the conduct of her performances. The artist comments constant convictions, investigating the relation between body and identity, and she tries to reach a radical definition of freedom. In a society, passionate with youth and perfection, Orlan comes to change the contemporary perception of beauty.

The notification of ideas that will change the world is the only excuse that Orlan gives for the existence of art.