Lectures 2005
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"The child and the city" Takou Dimitra - Foteinopoulou Chrysa


In the lecture on the subject "the child in the city" questions that are related  with the childlike scale, the way children conquer their space, their game and its  importance, but also the spaces that the child progressively appropriates are developed. The research, that was realised in two schools points out important sparks to discussion immediately connected with the urban environment and the children's presence there. The playgrounds  and their significances, the colours, the materials and the natural elements as they are presented in the city, the neighbourhoods and the urban spaces should be taken into consideration. From a new point of view that ultimately results in new, more meticulous planning of it.  The city turns out to be  a complex system of relations and interactions, that owes to keep it younger member in mind. Children demand  “thresholds” of playing, settings of fairy tales, so that they can understand the city, despite it chaotic scale, and be possible to prevail through a evolutionary course of recognition.