Lectures 2005
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"Egelados “designs”…." Alejandra Meliou - Leonidas Mpeis

The aim of this essay is to determine the role of architectural planning and more generally the role of the architect in designing seismic protection systems for the buildings. We would like to highlight that seismic protection planning is not a matter that should exclusively occupy the civil engineers, but that the architectural design is equally decisive for the structure’s seismic protection.  

Thus, we study certain subjects that do not belong to the logistical planning of seismic protection but are design features that mainly concern the architect such as:

Ψ        The total form of the building, which determines the way the building will behave during an earthquake

Ψ       A synthetic approach of the structural system that will determine its behaviour during the earthquake

Ψ       The behaviour of non structural elements of the construction that constitutes a large percentage of the building and their destruction poses a serious danger for the building, and its tenants.

Ψ       The interruption or absence of constructional elements, such as non structural walls, in order to serve functional needs.

Ψ       The creation of seismic gap, which constitutes a particular morphological and also a constructional element.

Ψ       The design of the building’s details that determines the degree of protection of all the structural elements.