Lectures 2005
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"Vertical axis" Georgios Kalogirou - Varvara-Eleoussa Kasseri

In general this effort was connected from the start with our deep wish for the comprehension and the as much as possible bigger access in the interpretation of operation (in all the levels) of the vertical axis.

More analytically, from this process of research, we support that the space, as a dynamic incident, becomes perceptible by man asymmetrically and is fixed as a surface with vertical elements that stick out from this, with main features of the vertical axis the balance, the symmetry and the optical weight. In the field of architecture we realise that:     Firstly, an element that is organised at the vertical axis with regard to its proportions and its optical weight is characterized by intensity and dynamism. Secondly, that in a synthetic level the use of elements at the vertical axis can create dynamic relations always in combination with the horizontal mappings out. Thirdly, at proportion in urban level the vertical elements can contribute in the more general dynamics of landscape with their character. Finally it is well worth to mention  that the vertical axis was used by man depending on his any time needs in order to express the dynamism in all the expressions of life (economic, social - political, intellectual).