Lectures 2005
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"The old city of Heraklio"

The subject of this lecture is the observation of the urban planning of the city of Heraklio (Crete) and the study of documental evidences in order marks of the past, that show the development of the city through the time, to be distinguished. Despite the long historic past of Heraklio, these marks are not clearly distinguished due to many cultural changes. Therefore, the target is to monitor the way the city changed throughout the years, until nowadays, where the greater “inside the walls” city (Old City) is established. The walls, the moat, the seaside part and the significantly historic monuments define the Old City. Part of the city is built for needs of older historic periods that nowadays, it tries to be modulated to the huge pressure of the market. The urban design, the constitution of the environment, the monuments, the remembrance, and the traffic inside the Old City are analyzed, and the demographic-social-financial data of the Old City as well. Besides, urban design problems, inside the Old City and in the greater area, are focused and rated. Finally, future prospects, which are emerged by nowadays tendencies, are presented.