Lectures 2005
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"Zac Paris Rive Gauche" Papadopoulos Ioannis

This research negotiates with the latest intervention of urban design in the city of Paris and in particular with an area of the 13 district of the city in proximity with the peripheral road of the city and the limits of its famous river called Seine.

For the best of this analysis, the reaserch is divided in three main domains. The first  is consecrated in the analysis of  the site in matter of its great history and its basic planning components. The second part, handles in depth with the intervention, analyzing the authorities that handled the works, its basic intentions and the planning tools used for reaching the above though one third part is consecrated in the most important spatial fields of it and the most important buildings such as the new National Library of France situated in the centre of the district.

Finally, last but not least there is a part questioning the matter of urban planning in the contemporary cities and the way  that te latter is influencing the traditional image of  the city and more specifically that of Paris that has been subjected to a large number of urban changes.