Lectures 2005
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"After the clothing and just before the building" Kiousi Sofia

The human body is changing as it expands its potential trough electronic and digital devices (laptop, cellular phone) which tend to become inseparable to it. The immediate artificial skins which surround the body (clothing, building) should be defined again based to the new body image.

Architecture cannot be displaced by other technologies so it always keeps up with them by embodying them. Contemporary architecture is designed to provide a refuge for the technologically extended body which moves more than ever before. It must embody and protect the body and its extensions and be able to follow it and provide flexibility. It has to protect the body more than clothing and provide the minimum of what a building does.

Is it possible that this kind of architecture will suddenly win funs? Does it provide a level of privacy and intimacy in the middle of urban space? Is it designed as exclusive way of habitat and way of life or it is combined with a habitat - base  and works as a relieving reminder of it?

The interest and the relative proposals on the topic are increasing. Up to now architects, artists and fashion designers have came up with many different ideas. The approach, the design, the choice of technological principle and materials are very interesting as is the comparison among the examples.