Lectures 2005
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"The monumental and the utopian (museum and the city)" Maro Spanou

This text aims to search out for the relation that architecture has today to some of the notions that constitute its definition or that have been all along possessed and explained it. In particular we will focus on two trends of architectural (and non architectural) reality which are the phenomenon of museumification on one hand and the prevailence of the ephemeral on the other. Central, ending or connecting element of the above concepts will be myth and the way it has appeared and functioned always and today.

Starting with the example of the Walhalla, a building by Leo von Klenze, I will examine several museum examples that show the transformation of the museoligical condition, it’s inflation and it’s possible collapse. On the other hand, I will examine several examples of Utopia as it is expressed today and in particular, through the examples of MVRDV’s metacity datatown, and ephemeral action as an urban movement.