Lectures 2005
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"Makrinitsa houses" Bakas Mihael

Through the passage in the spaces of houses of Makrinitsas , was given to us the occasion to know and to see a way of life.

In the traditional settlement of Makrinitsas, we tried to see the relations of private, quasi public but also public space. How is connected public with private. How from the central square of village, from basic street reaches somebody in the residences. How the small corridor ,galderimi, leans in the courtyard, the integral piece of house in the Makrinitsa. These two elements, i courtyard and the galderimi he is that connects private with the public space respectively.

Watching the development of residence, it can see somebody and the social differentiations and the different ways of thought that shaped the spaces of houses of Makrinitsas.

The 19th century the one place house, one of the three different categories of residence that we today meet in the Makrinitsa, draws elements for his configuration, from the towers of 18th century. The tower is the origin in level of use and structure one place house.   In the one place unitary room it covers all the needs.   The popular, second category of residence in the Makrinitsa, from the other is that house where each space he is self-existent. ¶Having

Mansion, the  third category of residence in the Makrinitsa, is a house that has the same almost forms and values with popular.   The mansion differs mainly because he is bigger, and more complicated, although  is based on the same synthetic elements.   Thus the elements that determine also the composition of popular house, are located in the mansion in bigger number and with bigger dimensions.   These elements we tried to comprehend and we invoked the S.H.Eldem. Comparing certain houses of Makrinitsas with the examples of Eldem we could realize that the typology that proposes can be also applied in this houses.

In his “typologjki’ analysis of Eldem, the two synthetic elements, wise men (space of reception) and being they shape the good floor (the third floor) the mansion being it is found in each mansion, again in self-existent form, as happens also in popular. A room, and I see it fixes a self-existent world the mansion it is constituted thus as a total ontades, rooms, that "comes out" in a common space wisely.

In is wisely assembled the family.   It is a space multifunctional wise men it is finally a one place that him embrace, that him surrounds total ontades.

Perhaps thus we could say that we recovered in the mansion, in his centre, one place that corresponds in the simpler form of house of Makrinitsas. Only that this one place it receives the operations of social life mainly, while the other are located in ontades.

Thus we could say that the typology of residence in the Makrinitsa includes types that are differentiated as to their use depending on the social layers that them live, however this types have big kinship between them. The kinship is located in the logic of unitary elements (being as self-existent world) and in their organization.

We thus can comprehend the internal unit of culture as it is expressed in the production of models of residence.