Lectures 2005
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"Space and text" Iliana Kerestetsi


How can two different realms of expression articulate the same idea?                                                               

                                                                                            Architecture and literature.  

When does the one art form borrow some of the expressive means of the other and how does it use them?

These are the kinds of questions that archiTEXTure approaches. Through an analysis of specific examples from both literature and architecture, it attempts to locate the points that the two areas of expression have in common.

archiTEXTure demonstrates that at the same time, every text occupies a space and architecture organises (structures) space, often using techniques deriving from textual (literary, cinematic, hypertextual) narration.

It does not seek a precise correspondence of linguistic concepts with specific architectural solutions. It is not concerned with a direct transfer of meanings from word to space. It does not attempt, that is, to draw up some kind of “architectural dictionary”, which could never, in any case, be objective.

What it ultimately achieves is a sort of correlation between the general logic and system used in discourse to create notional progression (narrative), and the logic by which architecture creates spatial progression in order to foreground information and messages.








archiTEXTure the magazine can be read in a number of ways. Its structure reveals the hypertextual characteristics of language, introducing the reader to the “space of the text”.