Lectures 2005
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"Modern athletic installations" Nicolaos Giakoumakis - Aristidis Makris

In the last decades, in the spaces of athletic installations, is given particular attention apart from the operation and in their morphology. Using examples from courts of each athletic activity, so that we comprehend more easily various techniques of manufacture of stages, we focused in the football stadiums.

A brief retrospection via means of centuries lead us in the observation of the development of frugal ancient stadiums in the ultramodern stadiums that constitute technological achievements.

The stadium constitutes point of report and landmark. Thus therefore its integration in the urban web has positive but also negative repercussions, and this phenomenon is also seen at its confrontation from the social total. Important role play naturally its functionalism and its morphological expression that we develop also.

Then we were focused in the constructional elements of stadiums. We analyze various ways of manufacture on their part of elements, as stands and roofs as well as the modern materials that are used. As examples we report and we describe stadiums that are characterized by their pioneering planning and present particular innovations.

Finally we lead that the stadium constituted and still constitutes the “shell” in which athletic ideals are been expressed.