Lectures 2005
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"The new quarter of East Paris" Theodoropoulou Konstantina

This progect is about the planning of a new quarter in the southeast section of the city of  Paris, the 13o region and is known by the name «Left bank». It’s about a case of rehabitation of the city that targets to the creation of a human enviroment in the frame of sustainable development. Correspondingly, it’s about a intervention that targets to the renovation and reformation of the 13o region, in which it belongs.

At first, we will analyse the certain phases of reformation in France, in order to comprehend the social and historical frame, in which it was considered as the suitable form of reformation, instead of something else. Continuously, we will analyse the project «Paris-Left bank». We will follow two approaches to our issue, in order to cover every aspect. The first approach is about the politic as the invisible factor of the city’s organisation. Later, we will follow the approach of the town-planning strusture, which through architecture defines the city’s morphology. So, at first, we will present the programming and the targets and later, we will see through the presentation of different studies for the area, in which way those visions take form. At the end, we will delve to the suggestion for the district Massena, that includes the new unnivercity pole