Lectures 2005
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"Adamantios Diamantes – the father of cypriot contemporary art" Michalis Petrakis

 The great creators, who are born in the beginning of the 20th century, give in the Cypriot art explicit orientations, thematographic directions, stylistic values and possibilities of expressing its meetings with the life and the history, the present and the past.  

The most important and characteristic physiognomies of this period, who led to the blossoming of modern Cypriot art, were Adamantios Diamantes (1900-1994), George Paul Georgiou (1901-1972), and  Telemachos Kanthos (1910- 1993).

Adamantios Diamantes represented the beginning and the end of different season. His art opens, but also closes simultaneously the season of ringleaders of modern Cypriot art, stamping an important historical period for the place.

He was an essential establisher and "father” of modern Cypriot painting. He worked in difficult times, walking a street that laboriously opened himself, in a season where did not exist ready figurative streets in the island, identifying life and art. For Cyprus, he does not constitute simply a master of arts, but also a exceptional schoolteacher of art – giving starting line in very a lot of newer they deal with the art - worshipper of popular delivery and artistic heritage of his place, but also a person open in all and everybody. The human dimension, the artistic creation, the instructive scope and the organisational activity, are combined, giving thus, the multifunctional personality of Diamantes.