Lectures 2005
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"Anafiotika, a “puzzle” of place and time" Mpournazou Eleni - Stamou Asimina

The neighborhood of Anafiotika was built at the north-east side of the rock of Acropolis, during the decade of 1840, from builders from the island of Anafi who arrived in Athens in order to built the palace of King Othon.

It’s a miniature of an island of the Aegean sea, in the center of Athens, where the visitor can find white courts, colored windows and flowers.

Although this particular place is under a very complicated system of laws, this neighborhood has survived through the years almost unalternable.

Walking in Anafiotika you understand that this place is compiled by various elements of the past. It’s a puzzle of images and memories.

It’s interesting to compare the house and the neighborhood of the builders of Anafi with the situation of nowadays. We believe that is not out of the reality to propose a re-use of these houses…