Lectures 2005
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"Architecture, the new fashion…"Markopoulou Anastasia - Christina

Nowadays, architecture essentially becomes as an intermediate merchandise, insuring spaces in which the main product for sale is lifestyle, apart from the goods. The reason for the theme of this lecture is the fact that today more and more architects occupy continually with the design and the construction of shopping environments and especially of prevalent fashion houses worldwide. It seems that the most famous fashion designers have already realised the potential of architecture for promotion and recognition and simultaneously with the necessity to give fashion new characteristics, they pursue collaboration with famous architects and architectural offices. On the contrary, architects are now more enamoured by retail design because of the celebral and psysical challenge of revolutionising the way people shop. Fashion and architecture use one another, not only as backdrops or celebrity head counts, but as guarantees of cultural acceptability. As a result, impressive stores are built ; buildings which little by little lose their retail characteristics, as even the architects have the ambition to detouch part of the fame and the glamour that shopping includes.