Lectures 2005
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" The river, a natural element in architecture" Euaggelia Papastergiou

The river, carrying all the myths, the traditions and the cultures of the regions that were getting through, was adored like a God. It was being connected with the life and the birth of the humanity, composing a place suitable for living. That was exactly the main reason for the man choosing to live next to the river, constructing small villages at first, which by the time were developed into cities. The river became the foundation of great civilizations not just because it favored the connection with other countries, but also because it joined the same to this fact, even with its drift. The man, with the technical civilization that he developed, managed to place the river between the cities, to limit it and to give it a form and sometimes to disappear it wherever he wanted. Today, except from architectural and urban planning interest, the river composes a place for relaxation, entertainment and revivalism

The river, like a static element, crossing a city, or like a powerful one into the environment, charms each one with its glory.  The endless change, the sureness that you can’t see twice the same water into the river, give it another dimension, a new approach. The sureness that can change into a few seconds makes this looking like metaphysical, almost magic. But this is its glory, that element which drag the man next to its banks, forcing him to live next to this and to create with the inspiration that the river can give.