Lectures 2005
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"Rafael Moneo: building and enjoying" Kizis Konstantis

This lecture is not only attempt to present the works of Rafael Moneo. More than this it is a research on issues related to the design process, such as time, the site, the invention of the form. Furthermore, a reflection on our agonies as almost complete architects about the present and the future of architecture, the type of teaching in our school, and our formation as architects, in the times of freedom of expression.

Rafael Moneo is an architect that has been related with practice and theory of architecture with admirable consistency, without having established a style or a theory of his own. He is an architect that sends out messages responding to my anxieties, messages speaking about universal concepts and fenomena of our times. Messages sent out not only by his writings, but mostly by his buildings. He has managed to live the joy of the creation – his buildings reflect the joy, the happiness of the craftsman in front of his work. Without following a movement, without being fond of one specific architecture, he always stays up to date and everlasting.