Lectures 2005
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"Spiral formations" Moutsopoulos Antonios - Sofia Mpampili

The purpose of this essay is to approach the concept of the spiral through the examination of  the spiral formations that we observe in nature and art. So, this essay is structured on two basic axes. The first one  is more like a rational confrontation of the spiral form. After being defined as a curve in a mathematical way, it is briefly examinated in its most common appearances in nature. The description of the way that shells develop their huscs is significant for this study. And that’s because of the biological and the geometrical properties of the spiral that are found in the shells. Besides, it is examinated the way that human creation was influenced by the spiral, using those properties.The second axe is essentially, the aproach of the sences, that spiral had through the past. From all the symbolic meanings that ancient civilisations have given to the spiral form(symbol of the infinite and the force of the nature) to the connection that had with the sence of the labyrinth, and from the space that this form creates in architecture and cinema as well(ziggurats, Guggenheim, Orfeo Negro), spiral exists to inspire with its meanings