Lectures 2005
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"The body - eternal recurrence" Maria Kasola

The body is a starting point of research and remains however a mystery to man, in its biological as well as its mental functions. It is intimately related to concepts such as ethics and morals, negation, acceptance, recognition. Through the centuries its routes are many, and once every so often it seems to return on the forefront of philosophical, scientific and artistic research and concern.\

The main body of the essay is divided in five sections

1.       The biological body: is the biological conception of the body, its origins and functions.

2.       Negation: a summary of Georges Bataille’s writing in Eroticism, related to the most ancient choices, directions and processes. Besides the wide impression of his writings, they have penetrated adequately inside architectural theory.

3.       Ancient peoples and the body: a brief report on the body of the ancient Indian and Greek civilizations.

4.       Recognition: retrospection through photography throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

5.       The Architectural Body: is divided into 12 sub-sections related to the body in architectural theory.

The Topics are: Anthropomorphism/ Architecture and surveillance the mutation of anthropomorphism/ The problematic of form/ The body and space/ The body and the machine, the body-machine/ Ergonomics/ Eroticism in architecture/ The dismembered body of Dionysus/ The loss of the body/ The body and cyberspace/ The Universal Turing Machines/ The body politic