Lectures 2005
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"Organic architecture" Vivi Iliopoulou

The meaning of the organic in architecture is very difficult to be defiened and conceived. It must be expierenced by people inside the natural environment where the building is being placed. There were – and still are – architects who worked on with a kind of architecture whose main linguistic and morphological vernacular is being comprised exclusively by natural relations and forms. Antonio Gaudν, Bruce Goff, Frank Lloyd Wright, Santiago Calatrava, Enric Miralles and Bart Prince recommend some of those architects who dealt with organic architecture and who – of course – represented it in their own subjective way. Organic architecture does not just immitate natural forms and shapes, but consists all these principles who govern all the kinds of organisms. It is the architect’s personal expression and, at the same time, is the outcome of the consecutive search of the human mind to find new ways to express his memories (past), his desires (present) and his hopes (future).