Lectures 2005
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"Water, city, and Sustainability: from Barcelona to Xochimilcho" Kostis Anagnostakis - Kampakou irini

During the last few years, Europe has witnessed a variety of urban reform plans, concerning mainly its river or sea fronts. Many of these reforms managed to change entirely the image of the city, where others only tergerted at a much smaller scale. All of them however had the same goal: To improve urban space by expoliting in various ways the waters at the city frontiers.. During a process that begins roughly, during the 70’s, and continues until today, the city-water relationship is being re-examined by designers, seen entirely diffrently by political and buisness teams, and at the bottom of all these, lived diffrently by city inhabitants.

At the same time, a new term, one that desires to be a fundamental piece of development policies, that is examined regulary by scientific circles, is this of sustainable development. More or less every major development plan will have references of the term above which these days seems to affect more and more the philology and directions of the redevelopment of city water fronts. Since Sustainable developments refers, beyond others, to a more balanced relationship between city and enviroment, to a more wise explotation of nature resources, inevitably a question arises: Is sustainable development just a scientific term refered only in science books, or its principles are actually have practical use especially at a very enviromentally sensitive part of the city: the Waterfront.

This Lecture attempts to examine this exact subject. A series of examples are examined, mainly from the enviromental point of view. At the same time a short analysis of sustainable development itself is presented, a term that, as it seems, has gained as many friends as it has enemies.