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"Construction at the building block nο 5017" Helen Daferera

This dissertation focuses on the construction of a new block of flats in the

Metaxourgeio area. I started by analyzing and re-interpreting the area. My first ideas,

the stimulants, were related with the structure of the Athenian home along with its

introversion. The Athenian courtyard, the roofed veranda and the access points to the

interior, contribute to the social life that flourished the Athenian home. According to

the above, the main concept is thus shaped: the built space is at the limits of the

building block, the roofed veranda is directed towards the street; in this way the

homes are expanded in the internal open air space.

The search for the building blocks to be finalized went through a process of a

multitude of models and sketches. Having found the main elements of the Athenian

home, and through a re4searching of these exact elements, I attempted to re-adjust

and re-introduce these elements with view to fulfilling the needs of today’s homes. It

must be also mentioned that space gradation (i.e. semi open-air spaces, vertical and

horizontal movements, roofed verandas and internal courtyards) are an important part

of the analysis as well as main traits of the building blocks that is finally suggested.

Regarding the organization of the interior space of the homes, the everyday spaces are

on the first level, while more private spaces are on the second. There were some

openings in the roof thus giving internal height between ground and ceiling.

The reference to the internal courtyard which is deliberately created without hyperorganisation

of the outdoors. The building block sit self creates this internal courtyard

where the inhabitants themselves can intervene and form this space according to their

needs. These is also some space above the underground entrance of the parking lot,

that the building blocks itself can mould according to its needs (i.e. space of

inhabitants gathering, common space etc.).

Finally, the study in home which presupposed in-depth research into the basic

characteristics, along with its co-existence with the surrounding buildings, led me to a

proposal that attempts to suggest solutions to the problems of modern home living.