Lectures 2006
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"Digital cities & digital space" Ioannis Gkoumas

This project’s subject is about digital cities, what they are, in which PC applications they could be found and what types of digital cities do exist. In this paper the reader will read about the possible ways of visiting a digital city and moving around, or the possible reasons why he/she might want to get in a digital city.

A presentation of some examples of the digital cities follows. This presentation hopefully covers all the types of digital cities and all applications in which a digital city can be found. Also digital cities are categorized, and there are some comments added, concerning the way digital cities tend to have some similarities with physical cities in a variety of ways or points of view.

At the end, some thoughts concerning the future evolution of digital cities and spaces are added. Also a table of the digital cities used as examples in the project is given, that analyzes some of their characteristics and differences between them.

The main purpose of this project is to gather things and thoughts, said by other people and researchers from time to time, into one project. This project also aims to prompt the reader in order to have his/her own thoughts about this particular subject.