Lectures 2006
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"The town planning evolution of Larissa: 19th century- today" Papadopoulou Anna


After the emancipation of Larissa in 1881, the town doesn’t have many important changes of the built environment as it was in the years before.  Thousands of emigrants are settling in while the streets are narrow and dirty.  In 1882 we have the first Town Plan.  In 1934 the city has electricity and drawing of water.  Most of the population is gathered in the center of the city.  In 1940, due to the war and a big earthquake, Larissa is turned into ruins.

In the 50’s starts the creation of new neighborhoods due to the after the war internal immigration.  In the early 20th century, the city is large but under-populated.  Between 1955-1983 we see a big development action in the area of construction. 

Today, the city has almost 150.000 habitants.  Most of the center of the city is with foot-walk in order to unify the commercial center of the city with the archaeological center (the Frourio), the cultural center (the Alkazar) and the Park.  The city’s road network is barely adequate but at the time there are many constructions in progress in order to make it better.

At this moment there are many constructions in effect which are going to upgrade of the city.  Many of which concern the reshaping of squares and foot- walks.  In the area of Frourio we have the reforming of the area in whole, the excavation of the Ancient Theater and the restoration of Bezesteni.  In the Alkazar there are works done to prevent floods and protect the city from them while shaping the shores.