Lectures 2006
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"Urban order: Le Corbusier and New Urbanists" Giorgos Kavasakalis

The degree of regularity of urban form and the correspondence of this order in the urban function but also in the urban identity as generally speaking, constitute a theoritic and design goal for the urban thinker. The nature of order was sought historical and expressed with a lot of ways, from the days of Le Corbusier until nowdays with the New Urbanists, presenting a lot of differentiated urban provisions. This search offers simultaneously the field for the imprinting of expressed opinions with regard to the invigoration of the  character of the modern city and the treatment of pathogenicities that have been developed in it.In this frame, this study realises initially, a presentation of more basic urban theories that have been expressed historical and followingly, is investigating the way with which became perceptible the significance of regularity and sismiralarly, the way this was reflected in the urban planning, using as case studies these of Le Corbusier, as representative of the Modernist Movement and the movement of New Urbanism. At the same time, the opinions of Leon Krier, Christopher Alexander and Nikos Saliggaros are presented, who - each one in his own way - are criticising modernism and provide philosophical support to the New Urbanists. Finally, applied examples from the practice of New Urbanists are presented, so that the degree of application and success of alternative planning they propose is checked.

Key words: urban form, order, Le Corbusier, New Urbanism