Lectures 2006
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"The role of transport in urban development" Dimitrios Sakellariou

Moving around is a fact modern culture has to face and a characteristic element of urban living. The sector of transportation plays a very significant role in the development plans of a city, since it significantly affects all of its other functions.

Many contemporary cities have reached particular dead ends due to the excessive number of cars, which induce critical questions concerning the future of transportation networks, and the important role that public and alternative means of transport should undertake. It is absolutely essential to develop and promote these unconventional ways, which -not only through their primary (transporting) function, but also through their infrastructure- respect all kinds of people who use the road, attract visitors, enhance the various activities of the city and at the same time offer increased freedom of movement.

The politics that support the public means of transport, the movement of the pedestrians and the concept of the bicycle can also provide the opportunity for extensive regeneration of parts of a city and can decisively contribute to the upgrading of its environment and its image. Urban planning has to seriously consider the integration of land use and transport in the urban tissue of tomorrow, whatever structural development it might assume.