Lectures 2006
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" Wine and his architecture" Katerina Dimadi

The action of viticulture and vinification appears to be directly connected with the cultural and economic history and development of human.   Through the long course of wine, equally old with the birth of humanity, characterized by holy symbolisms of fertility and stigmatised from illnesses of vine, economic crises and restrictive legislation, is given birth to a new season fertile for the wine but also his architecture.   These two expressions of culture, the architectural and vinification have met each other the last years. 

This fact, the resemblances that are realised between them and the analysis of symbolisms of wine from the antiquity to our days compose the subject of this work.

Furthermore it was considered useful to analyze and present three modern wineries.   The choice of these three examples is based on certain important elements, representative of the analysis of the previous parameters that appears intensely in their planning.