Lectures 2006
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"Industrial design / car" Kastritis Dimitris

From the horseless carriage to the contemporary car. During this short period of history, automobile’s language evolves based on the political, cultural and technological events of the 20th century. By tracking down the landmarks of car design, we observe how –the aerodynamic theory, the democratization of the car, the petrol crisis, the consumer society- shape not only the appearance of cars, but society’s very approach to automobiles. From a potent symbol of modernity to an enemy of the city and the environment, the car changes into a design product. Today it mostly argues on how “different” it looks from other cars. In the same way this affects architecture, product or industrial design is faced upon a plethora of directions, only to prove the lack of an important driving force, capable of steering the restless designing minds.


Λέξεις κλειδιά: Car, Industrial, Design, History.