Lectures 2006
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"The configuration of void" Xara Dranaraki - Stefania Strouza

The text refers to chinese calligrafy, a philosophy in action, in which the concept of the void is condensed upon it. It was used as a basis in a search of the role of the void in architecture.

Using the poem as an axis, works of Chillida, Eisenmann and Zumthor are being analysed. The research is organized into chapters  based on the polarity void-mass. It begins from the human body  and expands to include the enviroment, the surroundings in which he belongs and finalizes with the polarity earth-sky. The different levels of the analysis are not detached from one another, but via the void, tend to interact, revealing different, multiples “readings” of space.

The synthesis of the above elements into a unified context gives emphasis into an intuitive understanding of a subject difficult to approach in a systematical  manner. Its aim is an approach of the world via metaphor, imagination and the metamorfosis of shapes and forms into meanings which tend to arise each time in different aspects.