Lectures 2006
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"Hunting up the limits" Achileos Psillidis

Architecture defines spatial boundaries. The present research focuses on the study of the meaning of boundaries, from an architectural point of view, as well as on the extensive analysis of their ability in defining a variety of spatial forms with different qualities.

The investigation of the meaning of boundaries, constitutes an interesting course, full of oppositions but similarities as well, with a continuous, though, evolution based on a common background: the constant human necessity to redefine the surrounding environment, the domestic, working, educational space; in general the space of activation.

The clarity that characterized the structure and materiality of boundaries in past historical periods, established a more intense distinction between what is public and what is private. Mid-tones were rare. Contrary to the previous perception, the intense virtuality of the contemporary era, that is the constant transition from inside to outside, from actual to virtual and vice versa, disputes the meaning of public and private itself. The boundary between them is no longer carved in a definite way. This “irresolute” boundary must unstoppably be estimated and reconsidered.

The boundary is no longer encountered as a limit, confinement, beginning or ending of a procedure. It flows, folds, becomes a permanent transitional area, a place in-between, a threshold. A fissure, a vacuum in wedged installations that allows heterogenal meetings, crossings to escaping lines, liberate beings.