Lectures 2006
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"To library>>" Nicolaos Soulis - Georgios Pantazis

This paper refers to the library as a building and as an institution, two expressions that reflect each other. The library is directly affected by the emergence of digital technologies. Particularly, it seems to be threatened by the homogenization of space and the (metaphorical) dematerialization of the media.

Our aim is to designate the character of the contemporary library building. As a tool, we investigated projects or actual buildings from the Enlightment until today. While the projects allocate the library in each period of time concerning architectural theory, the buildings define exemplary moments of realizing it. The projects /buildings are lined out in pairs, in a way that affirms the existence of common thinking and allows comparison between subjective approaches. The chronological disposition reveals steps in the problematic concerning the library, due to the increase of books and the use of new technologies.

The basis of the paper is a historical approach to the definition of the institution throughout the time, until it became public.