Lectures 2006
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"Archetypal symbols: from psychology to architecture" Kostidakis Thodoris


This project concerns the study of the ways with which the unconscious soul influences the relation between the people and the buildings. In this prospect, terms and directions of analytic psychology, are extensively used, as they were fixed by the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung.

Each building is experienced in a specific way, due to its archetypal features. A man projects some unknown unconscious subjects in the structured environment, so that he conceives it as a symbol of psychological activities, either he realises this connection or not.

Thus, in this study, after a presentation of some essential psychological notions (where the relation with mythology is clarified), the way that the building influences the man and vice versa, is described.

Finally, examples of this interaction are analyzed as presented in specific works of architecture, that are related to the archetype of the descent to Hades (Underworld). The examples selected are the Memorial of the victims of 11 September, in the ground zero in Manhattan and the ancient Centre of Necromancy in Acheron in the western Epirus. These buildings are studied as symbolic expressions of this archetype.