Lectures 2006
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"The light of time 's shadow" Fotini Anagnostou - Aggeliki Koutsandrea

It is the parallel existence and interdependence of light and shadow that elevates and formalizes objects and space.  Light and shadow have uniformly plastic identity.  The meaning of light, considering either form or space, also contains the shadowy part, which is supplementary to light and necessary to the complete understanding of the image.  Through this interdependence, the interpretation of the building gets away from the usual visual experience.  The building itself becomes a historical phenomenon as it concerns the personal view and version. 

Far from the historical value, light reveals the meaning of time in the building through the transitions which produces.  Time concerns both the continual change of space and the decay of the building.

It is the quality of light, its texture and the co-existence of light and shadow that reveal architecture.  All these contribute to the recognition of its value and its comprehension.  This comprehension often comes from photography which expresses personal senses and thoughts.

The power, the value and the time of a building are dependent to light.  Light inspires and represents a powerful drawing tool for the architect.  Light, always in terms with time, is the co-creator of architecture.