Lectures 2006
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"An “imaginary” greek modern art museum" Dimas Panagiotis – Dimitrakelloy Antonia

This presentation discusses the relation between art and spaces. The opportunity arose from our personal interest mainly for modern art as well as our interest as architects for the spaces intended for housing it. Starting from a flashback on the history of the evolution of museums we end up focusing on the concept of modern art exhibition spaces.Our main concern is with greek realities, modern greek art and the lack, for the time being, of a space capable of bringing it to light. Evaluating the above we suggest a space and a way of organizing an exhibition of modern art representative of greek artists.

The architectural synthesis and construction of a modern art museum in Greece is the subject of our thesis, in which many of the conclusions of this presentation have proven extremely useful. Thus our project comprises of two parts, apparently unconnected, that is to say a brief flashback on the history of museums as institutions and our proposal for a modern art museum of public character in Athens. Our goal is to outline the necessity for one ,or more, modern art museums in Greece, that will not only contribute to the artistic culture, but will also prove that our country produces modern art that is of impressive quality, power and originality.

The first art historian to mention the Imaginary Museum was the great Andrι Malraux. In a space with no boundaries he placed all works of art attempting a comprehensive review and analysis of their history. By proving the value of all artists that have been pioneers in their time, his conclusion was the triumph of modern art over the “academic” aesthetics of an “elitist” spectacle. In our time the recognition of modern art is a fact. By adapting Malraux’s conclusion we intend to bring everyday greeks closer to greek modern art, which has nothing to envy of the international. This acquaintance takes place in our own “Imaginary” Museum where there can and should be a place for all worthy modern greek artists. We simply make a selection based on their artistic course and our personal preferences, in the hope that the day that our country will have the first Real modern art Museum is not far.