Lectures 2006
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"The chronicle of the minimal" Ksenia Katsigianni - Thora Mpalnta

The «minimal» is revealed by its chronicle to be something deeper and historically more powerful than what is presented today appears by books, magazines and articles on «minimalism». Being all the rage today, it first appeared in the '60s, finding a basis in the «archaic» modern though it is manifested and reaches a peak even further back in the past. Our present experience of the minimalist trend and the constant publicity it is given prompted us to puzzle over its meaning and comprehend it. We begin with the dictionary entry and then we move on to highlighting its manifestations in various forms of art, such as architecture, the visual arts, music, dance, literature without disregarding its presence in everyday life. Then, we focus on art and architecture and we trace the constituent elements that led to minimalism, the circumstances under which the term was inaugurated in the '60s. We then proceed deeper into the past to examine the way artists and creators, belonging to the archaic modern, evoke the «minimal». Finally, we observe that the minimal can be found even in the remote past, mainly due to lack of goods and means, or the need to economize and cope with the basic necessities as is the case with the mountainous settlements in the Lasithi plateau in Crete.