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"Channel Tunnel" Ioanna Agiomamitou

The Channel Tunnel represents the first ground connection of the Great Britain and the European mainland.   The agreement of Great Britain and France to cooperate in a joined plan, was hiding an intensive political backstage, represented from different stages throughout history that the two countries had since the years of Napoleon.

The role of the two administrations for the construction of the Tunnel, was restrained to a regulative stage leaving the role of the investor or/and loaner in private hands.    

The construction of the Channel Tunnel, in the eighties, although seemingly obliging the profits of the Great Britain and France, substantially it was the sign of evolution of the European Community to the European Union, to the contrary to all negative and positive impacts that are a result of this Tunnel.  Parallel to the domestic up growth that the country had, the Tunnel connect two regional areas, Kent and Nord-Pas de Calais, offering the balance of the conditions that exist in each area and also the reinforcement of the cross-border activities, into the bounds of the European Union.