Lectures 2006
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"Dancing Space… meeting points of architecture and dance" Zoi Lamprou - Pinelopi Morout

In our lecture we focused on the decryption of the correlation between “contemporary architecture and dance”. These two fields seem completely  irrelevant, even though  they share the exact same anguish for  of the organization of space and concern for the human body and its movement.

That relation constitutes nowadays a central issue of international interest, as there are remarkable signs of the existence of enormous enrichment abilities of the spatial perception and experience. The new dimension, which is being added to the functional and visual dimension of architecture and dance, is the living, interactive spatial perception, where all senses participate, of  both the performers and the spectators. 

Architecture and dance follow separately their courses, which intersect in several places, giving birth to interesting buildings and theories. Some of them seem rather nebulous. Still, many times, contemporary choreography added new tools to the architectural synthesis and to the experience of space by its users.  Spaces were created, that act like scenery, inseparable from the human presence: the latter appropriates space with the senses and transforms it, fulfilling it with messages and memories.

“Dancing space” is a way to explore several aspects of life, a way to connect the “space” of the body to the “space” of the universe. But do we, finally, dance space or just dance in space?



Key words: space, body, dance, experience, interactivity.