Lectures 2006
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"Strategic parasites in public space" Melina Mazari

In this project is attempted the parasite metaphor into architecture. The term parasite acquires a more specific meaning and refers to small scale structures that are placed strategically so as to achieve a goal.

Parasitic structures  are tools for urban development and are linked to a design strategy.

Mobile architectural units, are designed without taking in consideration the place of installation and they develop ephemeral  bonds with it.

The interest is focused in parasitic constructions which are placed in public space, in order to redefine and renew it. In this category belong, among others, the parasites which are equipped with digital hardware, the presence of whom may reinforce the behaviors in the public sphere and create new types of human relations.

The idea of the strategic parasites is in progress offering many possibilities for experimentation.

The examples which are referred, in this project, are to be considered representative.