Lectures 2006
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"A walk in Salamina" Sakellariou Antonis

The subject of this lecture is the island of Salamina and through the use of elements that co-exist with architecture for an everlasting course up until today, the understanding of the evolution of Salamina and to confront the problems of today.

Therefore I chose to present the wealth (historical and architectural) of the island, along with the problems and the unfortunate factors that damage the island itself. With the use of layouts, photographs, video and observation as helpful tools we went on a walk around Salamina, with stops and specific points of particular interest alone and for the island as well.


1st Stop [Boat line Perama – Paloukia and Naval Station]

2nd Stop [Villa Panagiotopoulos]

3rd Stop [Ancient Port – Kinosoura]

4th Stop [Selinia and Kaki Vigla villages]

5th Stop [Stone Lighthouse]

6th Stop [Mycenae Circular Tomb]

7th Stop [Byzantine Chapels of St. George (Ginani) – St. John (Kanakia)]

8th Stop [Mycenae Village Kanakia]

9th Stop [Central Port and Historical Triangle]

10th Stop [ The Windmills – Mount Patris]

11th Stop [ Byzantine Chapel of St. Gregory Vasilika]

12th Stop [Monastery of Faneromeni and Sikelianos House]

13th Stop [Boat line Faneromeni – Megara]



In the end of this lecture we made several conclusions useful for the island, for the general image of the island and the correction of  any kind of problems.