Lectures 2006
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"Low budget residence" Alexopoulou Paraskevi, Palla Aikaterini

The architecture does not constitute broken away cultural, expressive make. It constitutes a much more particular, important process, for the maintenance of acceptable level of life of residents of a country and consequently, it constitutes important productive and political make.

This general treaty that characterizes the architecture becomes particularly obvious, when we begin to place the problem of cost of architecture and in particular the cost of architecture concerning the basic demand of human society, that is the housing, the benefit of residence. Thus the general object of this research is firstly to place architecture as a productive and a political make and then, in a more special level of regard, it applies the treaty in the case of exceptionally important architectural product, the residence for the big groups of public. The residence, which in the frames of newer history has been connected with the low cost of layout.

In other words, the field of reflection, that concerns the low cost architecture of residence, is moved between two central poles. The first one is fixed from social, economic and political environment of each season –from questions which determine the institutional planning and the production of residence, in organised societies. The second pole concerns the synthetic and architectural process. The objective of this research is to show that these two poles are not broken away, nor independent the one from the other, but on the contrary are connected and supplemented.