Lectures 2006
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"Melancholia Generosa" Maneta Maria

My subject is generous melancholy, that motivates man to create, in particular through architecture, the most perfect art form. But also the destiny of the truly spiritual man who tends to analyze everything around him and ends up feeling melancholic simply because he cannot perceive through his reason the universality of his surrounding space. My analysis on melancholy is based on the platonic theory, on artists like Durer who lived in the Renaissance and was a fanatic supporter of Plato; and on various scholars of his times like Marcilio Ficino and Agrippa de Nettesheim. Based on the platonic dogma of the fall of the soul, melancholy through ecstasy leads man to witness the divine metaphysically, to touch wisdom and beauty. Architecture is considered the art that through its form becomes the go-between that brings the soul close to its love for the divine and the beautiful, creating another world that includes the universal truths of Cosmos, its order and its stability.