Lectures 2006
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"Aircraft: an architectural fact" Psarologaki Evangelia

The drawn picture of an aircraft is revealing. The tension of the figure culminates as it is dealing with the ridge of the buildings and the natural elements, but also the blue background. The indefinite “blank” of the sky becomes specificate. It consists the instrumental environment of the airplane which moves into the picture with designal stability, as it is interpreted by a complex of explicit manipulations.

The analysis made, is basically verified by the fighting aircrafts. The character and the action of a fighter give a rich vocabulary to the language of the spatial activity, beyond usual range. The instantaneous nature of the aircraft movement composes architectural, three-dimensional pictures in the sky. The freedom of a fighting aircraft cannot be compared to a scheduled flight of a civil airplane.

Apart from the remarks considering the form of the aircraft, we refer to the space of the sky and the flight as a fulfillment of spatial action. The dynamically filled space of the sky and the flying object consist a spatial bipolar complex. Also the optical speculation of a flight is similar to the architectural composition. In conclusion, the aircraft is regarded as a form of self-demolition, as it is designed in such a way that can lead to its own annulment.